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1 rentals with holiday cottage available on 12/11/2022

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For your next holiday with family or friends, would you like to rent a holiday cottage that caters to all your needs? If you fancy a countryside getaway, a family trip or to discover the exciting cultures of France, Italy or Spain, you can do just that by simply using our site to compare available holiday offers on holiday cottages.

With a pool, close to shops or even if you have a small budget, our unique comparison site allows you to enter your choice of destination and desired criteria enabling you to choose a holiday cottage at the best price.

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Maison de particulier à Serre chevalier

SERRE CHEVALIER  -  Southern Alps

6 room mezzanine villa 14 people

  • Cottage
1062 €
More details

(1 223 apartments)
200 €

Auberville - Résidence Vacancéole Le Domaine de la CornicheYou've decided to spend your holiday in Résidence Vacancéole Le Domaine de la Corniche in Auberville? Before booking your holiday find...

Atlantic coast
(226 apartments)
199 €

Les sables d'olonne - Résidence Néméa Les Grands RochersSo, your staying in Résidence Néméa Les Grands Rochers in Les sables d'olonne for your holiday? Find the cheapest...

North Picardy
(137 apartments)
190 €

Epernay - Résidence Vacancéole Les Demeures ChampenoisesYou've decided to stay in Résidence Vacancéole Les Demeures Champenoises? Before you book your holiday, make sure you find the lowest...

South West
(639 apartments)
143 €

Toulouse - Résidence Vacancéole Résid'Price MervilleSo, your staying in Résidence Résid'Price Merville in Toulouse for your holiday? Find the cheapest deal in Résidence Résid'Price Merville...

Anjou Touraine
(268 apartments)
167 €

Richelieu - Résidence Vacancéole Le Relais du PlessisYou've chosen Résidence Le Relais du Plessis for your next holiday in Richelieu? Before booking your holiday, make sure you find the...

(487 apartments)
182 €

Cagnes sur mer - Résidence Vacancéole Le CrystalIs your next holiday going to be in Résidence Vacancéole Le Crystal in Cagnes sur mer? In order to find the cheapest price, find who...

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