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9 holiday rentals in SAINTE MAXIME available

Compare apartments for your holiday in Sainte maxime

Holiday rental SAINTE MAXIME

Located just 15 kilometres around the coast from St Tropez, one will find the busy city of Sainte Maxime, bursting with life. With 11 kilometres of sandy beaches on offer, you will be spoilt for choice finding your perfect spot next to the crystal clear shores of the Mediterranean.

Head to the old town to find markets, shops, bars, restaurants and cafes and enjoy the delicious, local cuisine next to the harbour. There are plenty of activities to enjoy in and around the port from the casino to boutique and nightclubs to cinemas. Visit the local museum to learn more about local traditions, folklore and to enjoy some of the temporary and permanent exhibitions about the region of Provence.

If you are searching for a holiday rental in Sainte Maxime, use our search engine to find the best deals. Compare holiday rentals in Sainte Maxime in order to find the best deals for your next holiday on the French Riviera.

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Résidence Maeva Les Coteaux de la Nartelle

Sainte maxime

Are you staying in Résidence Maeva Les Coteaux de la Nartelle in Sainte maxime on your holiday this year? Before you book your stay, find out offers the cheapest deals for a break in...

352 €
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Résidence 'Victoria et Régina'

Sainte maxime

You've decided to stay in Résidence 'Victoria et Régina' in Sainte maxime for your holiday? Before you make your booking for Résidence 'Victoria et Régina' make sure you've found the...

378 €
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Résidence La Palmeraie

Sainte maxime

You've chosà la Résidence La Palmeraie for your next holiday in Sainte maxime? Before booking your holiday, make sure you find the best possible price for a stay in Résidence La Palmeraie...

596 €
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Résidence Thalassa

Sainte maxime

Find the cheapest price for a stay in Résidence Thalassa in Sainte maxime. To ensure you find the best possible price for your holiday in Résidence Thalassa compare different holiday...

648 €
More details

Résidence 'Maxime Park'

Sainte maxime

Compare the different offers in Sainte maxime in order to find the cheapest rental in Résidence 'Maxime Park'. It's the easiest and simplest way find a bargain holiday. Compare offers...

721 €
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Résidence 'Julie'

Sainte maxime

Looking for the best prices rental for Résidence 'Julie' in Sainte maxime? Before you book your stay in Résidence 'Julie', compare different offers in Sainte maxime on HolidExpress...

12999 €
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