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6 holiday rentals in SANARY available

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Holiday rental SANARY

Situated just 10 kilometres from Toulon, the town of Sanary has a great Mediterranean atmosphere -coloured houses, lively terraces surrounded by palm trees and a bustling daily market. Take a tour of the Notre Dame de Pitié chapel which was built in 1560, and head to the top where you can enjoy magnificent views of the islands of Embiez and Rouveau or enjoy a show at the Galli theatre.

For the sun seekers, head to the one of the five beaches in Sanary. Portissol is noted as one of the best, so enjoy the sandy beaches and the wonderful Mediterranean climate that the Riviera has to offer. In Sanary, it rarely rains so enjoy the perfect summer setting by taking advantage of the many year-round sports and activities on offer such as sailing, windsurfing and paragliding.

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Résidence Odalys Le Vallon du Roy 


Is your next holiday going to be in Résidence Odalys Le Vallon du Roy in Sanary? In order to find the cheapest price, find who offers the best deal for a holiday in Résidence Odalys...

265 €
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