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386 holiday rentals in MERS LES BAINS available

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Holiday rental MERS LES BAINS

This historically rich seaside town of Mers les Bains has one of the largest ranges of ceramics. Made of terracotta, faience or glazed stoneware, these sets have a wealth of remarkable stylistic interest. Also, be sure to see some of the many beautiful works of architecture and historic monuments dotted around the town.

Mers les Bains has plenty of cultural and leisure activities to offer, from cinemas, theatre productions, festivals, parks and a wide range of on and off shore sports activities, there is something for everyone.

To enjoy your stay in Mers les Bains , compare with our site to ensure you find the cheapest deals for apartments and holiday rentals is Mers les Bains.

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Beside the sea 269 €/week on rental for 4 persons on 06/06/20 More details

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Camping Domaine Du Lieu Dieu (Beauchamps à 11 km)

Mers les bains

So, your staying in Camping Domaine Du Lieu Dieu (Beauchamps à 11 km) in Mers les bains for your holiday? Find the cheapest deal in Camping Domaine Du Lieu Dieu (Beauchamps à 11 km)...

220 €
More details

Résidence Goélia Belle Epoque 

Mers les bains

Looking for the best prices rental for Résidence Goélia Belle Epoque in Mers les bains? Before you book your stay in Résidence Goélia Belle Epoque, compare different offers in Mers...

269 €
More details
Apartment holiday in Camping Le Rompval

Camping Le Rompval 

Mers les bains

Are you staying in Camping Le Rompval in Mers les bains on holiday this year? If so, find the best priced deals for Mers les bains and for holidays in Camping Le Rompval by comparing...

369 €
More details
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