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361 holiday rentals in HONFLEUR available

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Holiday rental HONFLEUR

Honfleur is a lovely town by the sea, famous for its port and its marina. Take a stroll through the streets and take in the relaxing atmosphere. From Honfleur, you will discover the wide range of landscapes spreading over this green and fertile area, composed of lovely villages such as Boulleville.

For its many orchards and enchanting coastlines, for strolls, or to have a taste of the Norman gastronomy, have a holiday in Honfleur/Boulleville! Compare with our site to ensure you find the cheapest deals for apartments and holiday rentals is Honfleur/ Boulleville.

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Swimming pool 218 €/week on rental for 2 persons on 06/06/20 More details

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Résidence du Parc Gonneville sur Honfleur 


Are you staying in Résidence du Parc Gonneville sur Honfleur in Honfleur / boulleville on your holiday this year? Before you book your stay, find out offers the cheapest deals for a...

217 €
More details

Camping Domaine De La Catiniere (Fiquefleur-Équainville à 5 km) 


You've decided to stay in Camping Domaine De La Catiniere (Fiquefleur-Équainville à 5 km) in Honfleur? Before you book your holiday, make sure you find the lowest possible price for...

435 €
More details
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