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439 holiday rentals in GASSIN available

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Holiday rental GASSIN

Gassin is situated in the middle of the Saint Tropez peninsula, perched on a hill overlooking a landscape of vineyards, wooded areas, and the town of Saint Tropez. Gassin is described as ‘the most beautiful village in France.’

Gassin is enriched with culture and historical heritage, with its narrow streets and picturesque houses, the medieval village really is an unbeatable stop for lunch as all the cafes and restaurants have beautiful, panoramic views of the French Riviera! The new village, built below the medieval village, has recently been awarded the first prize for the best new town in Europe.

If you want to sit back and soak up the Mediterranean sun, there are numerous beaches close to Gassin, including the famous beach Pampelonne.

With our unique comparator, you can search all availabilities for apartments and holiday homes in Gassin to ensure that you find the cheapest holiday rentals in Gassin.

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Golf, houses and children's club! Holiday deal from 457 €/week More details

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Résidence Caesar Domus


You've chosà la Résidence Caesar Domus in Gassin for your next holiday? Before you make your booking make sure you find the best possible deal for a stay in Résidence Caesar Domus by...

220 €
More details

Résidence Odalys Jardin d'Artémis


So, your staying in Résidence Odalys Jardin d'Artémis in Gassin for your holiday? Find the cheapest deal in Résidence Odalys Jardin d'Artémis by comparing different offers in Gassin.

245 €
More details

Résidence Prestige Odalys Le Clos de Bonaventure


Search for cheap holidays in Résidence Prestige Odalys Le Clos de Bonaventure in Gassin. Before you make your booking, make sure you compare the different offers on Holidexpress. Find...

290 €
More details

Résidence Maeva Les Marines de Gassin


Are you staying in Résidence Maeva Les Marines de Gassin in Gassin on your holiday this year? Before you book your stay, find out offers the cheapest deals for a break in Résidence...

383 €
More details
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