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550 holiday rentals in SAINT NIC PENTREZ available

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Holiday rental SAINT NIC PENTREZ

Saint Nic Pentrez offers one of the longest sandy beaches in the area, beautiful natural environments and a wealth of cultural history and heritage; the ideal destination to spend a holiday in Brittany. In the heart of the region, come and discover Saint Nic Pentrez by walking, long strolls, mountain biking or even horse riding or you can participate in a number of sports and leisure activities including sand yachting on the beach, kite surfing and even windsurfing.

Visit the St Comas chapel, a true historical gem in Saint Nic Pentrez or for art lovers you will enjoy the town's gallery displaying paintings from local artists. During the summer months, Saint Nic Pentrez comes alive with beach side markets and a number of music and theatre events.

Come and explore the pretty town of Saint Nic Pentrez and find the cheapest holiday rental or apartment by comparing the offers. For the best deals on holiday rentals and apartments in Saint Nic Pentrez and Brittany, use our unique comparison site to find the best offers on your next holiday in Saint Nic Pentrez.

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Dès 268 euros/sem votre séjour à la mer à noël en résidences Goélia More details

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Apartment holiday in Domaine de Ker Ys

Domaine de Ker Ys

Saint nic pentrez

You've decided to stay in Domaine de Ker Ys in Saint nic pentrez? Before you book your holiday, make sure you find the lowest possible price for a stay in Domaine de Ker Ys by comparing...

117 €
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Residence Vacancéole Les Terrasses de Pentrez

Saint nic pentrez

Looking for the best prices rental for Residence Vacancéole Les Terrasses de Pentrez in Saint nic pentrez? Before you book your stay in Residence Vacancéole Les Terrasses de Pentrez,...

260 €
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