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57 holiday rentals in MONACO BEAUSOLEIL available

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Overlooking the coastline, Beausoleil is a world of narrow streets and charming passageways, waiting to be discovered. Beausoleil is just a few steps away from the State of Monaco, an exciting destination full of a wealth of monuments and discoveries to be made. Visit the Gustave Eiffel market to go shopping or to sample some of the great cuisine the region has to offer. Discover the Riviera Palace, constructed around 1900, which offers visitors a chance to look around its beautiful winter gardens or head to La Condamine for a breathtaking, panoramic view of Monaco.

For sports enthusiasts, the world famous Monaco Grand Prix takes place here once a year and there is also the Monte Carlo Rally which takes place along the French Riviera, Monaco and through southeast France.

If you are searching for a holiday rental in Monaco Beausoleil, use our search engine to find the best deals. Compare holiday rentals in Monaco Beausoleil in order to find the best deals for your next holiday on the French Riviera.

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Résidence Odalys Les Hauts de la Principauté 

Monaco beausoleil

If your staying in Résidence Odalys Les Hauts de la Principauté on your holiday, find the cheapest holiday rentals for Résidence Odalys Les Hauts de la Principauté and for others in...

557 €
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