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320 holiday rentals in LE LAVANDOU available

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Holiday rental LE LAVANDOU

Situated on the Mediterranean border and at the foot of Massif de Maures, Le Lavandou is a perfect destination to enjoy your holidays.
The former fishing village has become, over time, a must see in the French Riviera. Its clear waters, chiseled coastlines and sandy beaches are all elements which make up its beauty.

Le Lavendou is enriched with culture, traditions and historical heritage. Try some of the local cuisine, seafood dishes, brought fresh to the port every morning by the local fishermen. Uncover the history of Le Lavandou and visit the old church of Saint Louis, built in the 19th century.
With a 12kilometre stretch of coves and sandy beaches, Le Lavandou is the perfect place to relax and soak up the warm Mediterranean sun. For their richness and clarity of the water, its sea beds of rare beauty, are prized by lovers of diving.

To enjoy the pleasant town of Le Lavandou, you can compare all availabilities on apartments and holiday homes on our site to ensure that you find the cheapest holiday rental in La Lavandou.

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Beside the sea 302 €/week on rental for 4 persons on 27/02/21 More details

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Résidence Goélia Le Domaine de la Pinède 

Le lavandou

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246 €
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Résidences Lagrange Le Domaine d'Azur & Tahiti Park

Le lavandou

Is your next holiday going to be in Résidences Lagrange Le Domaine d'Azur & Tahiti Park in Le lavandou? In order to find the cheapest price, find who offers the best deal for a holiday...

399 €
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